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Babe Ruth signs up for the New York National Guard

Babe Ruth Enlists with the New York National Guard in 1924

George Herman "Babe" Ruth, the most popular man in America at the time, enlisted with the New York National Guard in 1924. Read the story of his enlistment and see photos from the event. Plus, find out what happened when the Yankees came to town for a doubleheader.

Greenberg House, photo by Karen Ruckman

Reader’s Choice: Why is Syracuse University in Woodley Park?

A curious Ghosts of D.C. reader posted on Facebook that she wanted to know why Syracuse has a house in Woodley Park. I too am curious each time I walk by the Greenberg House at 2301 Calvert St. NW. So I’m going to find out, as well as learn about the house’s history. This will […]

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