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Where Three Former Secretaries of War Used to Live in Washington
Learn more about three former US Secretaries of War and where they used to live in Washington, DC. All three of their homes still stand today. Read our blog to learn more.
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Babe Ruth in Washington, DC: The Story Behind the National Guard Enlistment Photo
Learn the story behind the iconic photo of Babe Ruth in a military uniform. He was in Washington, DC to enlist in the New York National Guard and play two games against the Washington Senators. Read the amusing articles from the Washington Post and Associated Press about the event.
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Reader's Choice: Why is Syracuse University in Woodley Park?
Intrigued by a reader's query, the Ghosts of D.C. investigates the history of a mysterious house in Woodley Park—Syracuse University's Greenberg House. From real estate mogul to nursing home, the house's past unveils tales of tragedy, dining, and a generous donation.
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