From the Crazy Vault, Notable People & Places / 14.03.2012

Look at this photo from 1910. It's amazing. That's the Executive Office Building on the left and the West Wing on the right ... and an airplane landing between them. Claude Grahame-White is about to land his small Farman biplane on West Executive Avenue, right next to the West Wing to pay a quick visit to some top military brass. Not only is this amazing, it is exceedingly dangerous. I'm shocked that he didn't crash and kill himself.
If Walls Could Talk, Reader's Choice / 13.01.2012

A curious Ghosts of D.C. reader posted on Facebook that she wanted to know why Syracuse has a house in Woodley Park. I too am curious each time I walk by the Greenberg House at 2301 Calvert St. NW. So I'm going to find out, as well as learn about the house's history. This will be our first official "Reader's Choice" and another "If Walls Could Talk." It better be good. The university has a program in Washington called "Syracuse University in the Capital" and their school website gives some basic information on it. By the way, the Greenberg House is also on Twitter and Facebook, so check those out (after your read the full post of course).