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Tag: Christian Heurich Brewing Company

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The Heurich Brewery - A Historic Photo From 1910
Take a look at this historic photo of the Heurich Brewery, taken in 1910. The brewery stood on the current site of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Source: Library of Congress.
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The Washington Herald's Advertisement for Christian Heurich Home Brew Beer on Saturday, February 7th, 1914
This advertisement from the Washington Herald on February 7th, 1914 is for Christian Heurich Home Brew Beer. It was the perfect way to kick off the weekend!
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An Incredible Ad from 1891: Check Out the Heurich House Museum!
Discover an incredible ad from 1891 and learn about the amazing Heurich House Museum! Make sure to check out this incredible place you probably haven't been to.
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The Surprising History of Beer Prescriptions in Washington, DC
Explore the surprising history of beer prescriptions in Washington, DC, from the Christian Heurich Brewing Company in 1904 to the National Capital Brewing Company and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Learn more today!
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