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Pearl Ginsburg refused to have her boardinghouse rent raised

Photos of 1940s Boarding House Living

What was life like living in a Washington boarding house during World War II? Here is a series of photos showing the life of young men and women in their communal living arrangements.

Young Mother’s Mysterious Death; Was She Poisoned?

Here’s an interesting story that we dug up in The Washington Post from August 21st, 1885. A few weeks ago a respectable-looking young woman rang the bell at George Duval’s boarding-house, at the corner of Four-and-a-half street, on the south

boarding houses in Washington (1940)

Help Identify These Boarding Houses (c. 1940)

GoDCers, we need your help. Where is this? The photo was sent in by Ben this week and we’d love to help him identify the location. I’m guessing that there’s a fifty percent chance they still stand today, but if

Intersection of 9th and F St. NW (1888)

Running a Successful Boarding House in the 1880s

This is a cool article that we found in The Washington Post, printed on October 14th, 1882. It mentions the key components of running a successful boarding house in Washington. To make a success of a boarding house, several things

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