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C&O Canal from Wisconsin Avenue Bridge, Georgetown circa 1920 (Library of Congress)

Unfaithful Husband Drowns Wife in Georgetown Canal

Here’s a story to throw into the crazy bin. We came across this piece in The Washington Post printed on June 24th, 1888. A brutal murder occurred in Georgetown shortly before midnight last night. Agnes Watson, a young colored woman, was thrown into the canal by a negro named Fred Barber and was drowned before assistance […]

model of proposed White House changes

Fascinating Unbuilt Expansion of the White House (1892)

During the administration of President Benjamin Harrison, there was a push to renovate the Executive Mansion, bringing it up to the elegant standards of European castles. This was to reflect the growing importance of America and would be an ostentatious display of wealth. It’s fascinating to think what it would look like today if it […]

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