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The Murder of Agnes Watson: From Georgetown to the White House
In 1888, a gruesome murder occurred in Georgetown, DC. The murder of Agnes Watson shocked the nation, and the story eventually reached the White House itself. Learn how this Georgetown story made its way to the highest office in the land.
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Benjamin Harrison's Push for a Grand White House Renovation in 1892
In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison pushed to renovate the Executive Mansion to match the elegant standards of European castles. See the plans and model of what the White House might have looked like if it had been completed by the 100th anniversary of the cornerstone laying.
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A Sight You're Unlikely to See Today: Kids Riding a Goat Cart on the South Lawn
Take a look back in time to a sight you're unlikely to see today: kids riding a goat cart on the South Lawn. Major Russell Harrison and his children provide a glimpse of quaint times gone by.
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