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Washington Nationals 1912
Exploring a Fun Old Print from The Washington Times (June 18, 1912)
Take a trip back in time with this fun old print from The Washington Times printed on June 18th, 1912. Get a glimpse of Washington Nationals baseball from over a century ago.
1925 Washington Senators
Great Film Footage of 1925 World Series
Here’s a cool find from YouTube. The Senators lost the World Series to the Pirates, after having won the year before. Can you tell Ghosts of DC is getting excited for the 2014 baseball season?
American League Park, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia vs. Washington. May 6, 1905
Exploring Washington's Baseball History: The Story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House
Follow us as we explore the story of William J. Donovan and the Baseball House, a bar dedicated to the love of baseball in Washington D.C. back in the 19th century. Learn about William J. Donovan, his family, and the Baseball House puzzle he created.
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 10.04
Uncovering a Rare Home Run Derby Video between Mickey Mantle and Harmon Killebrew
Check out this rare video of a home run derby from 1960 between Mickey Mantle and Harmon Killebrew. We uncovered this clip from YouTube and our research suggests it was filmed just before the team moved to Minnesota to become the Twins.
Baseball in front of the Capitol Building
Baseball in DC: Celebrating Fewer than 50 Days Until Pitchers and Catchers Report
Get ready for the start of baseball season with a look back at some amazing photos of baseball in DC, including Babe Ruth signing autographs at Griffith Stadium and amateur games in front of the White House and Capitol Building.
Unbelievable! Ladies Playing Baseball on the Mall in 1919
Did you know that in 1919, a group of ladies played baseball on the Mall? Check out this incredible photo from the Library of Congress!
Kennedy throwing out the first pitch in 1962
A Look Back at the 1962 Major League Baseball All-Star Game at the D.C. Stadium
Take a look back at the 1962 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, held at the new D.C. Stadium (now RFK). See President John F. Kennedy throw out the first pitch in this historic game.
Washington Nationals v. Cleveland Indians - 1908
Remembering the 1908 Washington Nationals vs. Cleveland Indians Baseball Game
Remember the 1908 Washington Nationals v. Cleveland Indians baseball game? We won 8-2, taking a three-game sweep! Read this blog to relive the historic game and #NATITUDE!
Harmon Killebrew shakes President Eisenhower's hand before a game in 1959 (Calvin Griffith in the middle)
Washington Senators Almost Move to Los Angeles [VIDEO]
Did you know that the Washington Senators almost moved to Los Angeles?
The Senators greet the World Bank
The Story of World Bank President Eugene Black's Annual Baseball Outings with World Bank Staff
Discover the story of World Bank President Eugene Black's annual baseball outings with World Bank staff, which began in 1950 and continued through at least 1962. Learn more about this early example of "baseball diplomacy" and see photos of the Washington Senators greeting the World Bank staff.

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