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Baltimore Afro-American

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When Did the Howard Theatre Open?
The Apollo in New York, the Pearl in Philadelphia, the Uptown in Baltimore, and the Howard Theatre in Washington were the preeminent African-American venues for stars like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and the big bands of the 1930s to rock and roll and the Motown sound.
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Remembering the Dixie Chicken Shop on 14th Street NW
Take a trip down memory lane to the Dixie Chicken Shop on 14th Street NW in 1939. Read the Baltimore Afro-American ad, see the photo, and reminisce about the good ol' days of fried chicken!
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The Tragic Life of Josh Gibson, Legendary Baseball Player Held in D.C. for Mental Observation
Josh Gibson was a legendary baseball player, but his life was filled with tragedy. He was held in Washington D.C. for mental observation in 1944 and died at the age of 35, three months before Jackie Robinson broke baseball's color barrier.
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The History of 520 Florida Avenue NW: From the Blue Bird Cafe to Shaw's Tavern
From the Blue Bird Cafe and Tea Room to Shaw's Tavern, learn the history of 520 Florida Avenue NW in Washington, DC. Discover the stories of Benny Lerner, the Baloney Bandit, and more!
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