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The 1933 Chesapeake and Potomac Hurricane: The Wreck of the Crescent Limited Train
On August 23, 1933, the fast express train, The Crescent Limited, left New York and was speeding towards Washington's Union Station when it met disaster in the form of the Chesapeake and Potomac Hurricane. Read this post to learn more about the wreck, its aftermath, and the bridge today.
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Gnawed Bones, a Wild Dog, and a Tragic Story from the Washington Post in 1941
A tragic story from 1941: Walter Wright made the grim discovery of gnawed bones and a wild dog on an island in Kingman's Lake. Last night, the remains were identified as those of Omara Wilson, 50. Read the full story here.
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Exploring the O Street Pumping Station: Navy Yard Wins Two, Lost Boy Found Dead, and Wandering in a Daze
Exploring the O Street Pumping Station in Washington, D.C.! Learn about the 1911 amateur baseball championship, a lost boy found dead, and a mysterious case of a wandering man in a daze. Read the full story here.
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Three Men Jump to Their Deaths off Washington Bridges in 1946
In 1946, three men jumped to their deaths off three bridges in Washington, DC. Learn more about their tragic stories, from their family's perspective and the details of the day, in this blog post.
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Why Is It Named Anacostia?
Curious why it's named Anacostia? Check out the history which goes back to Captain John Smith in the 17th century.
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