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The President's Manion in 1850
1850 Stereoscopic Photo of the President's Mansion
A beautiful stereoscopic image of the President's mansion at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Historic Train station in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Why Is It Named Gaithersburg?
The town currently known as Gaithersburg was settled in 1765 under the name Log Town. Like much of the area, it was primarily agricultural. Benjamin Gaither inherited much of the land from his father-in-law, Henry Brookes, and built a house on it in 1802.
View from the 2nd story of the residence of Mrs. Comre. John Rodgers, Franklin Row, K Street at 12 & 13 Sts, Washington, D.C., overlooking the backyard and adjacent neighborhood, and showing children standing on balconies
What Did K Street Look Like in 1850?
There was a time when Washington, even the city itself, was very rural. Imagine livestock roaming the streets, unpaved roads, and small farms in the District.
Drawing shows stables in the foreground and view of the city of Washington from southeast with the United States Capitol on the right, the White House in center background, and the Smithsonian castle and Washington Monument on the left.
A Rare Look at Washington from the Late 1840s or 1850s by Augustus Köllner
A rare painting of Washington from the late 1840s or 1850s, done by Augustus Köllner, has been uncovered. The view is from an angle south of the Capitol, looking northwest. See the beautiful watercolor painting at the Library of Congress.
1851 map of Washington, D.C. in canvas
GoDCers Love Maps: Check Out Matt's Vintage DC Maps On Etsy!
GoDCers love maps and Matt on Etsy has some amazing vintage DC maps for sale! Check out his 1851, 1819, and 1846 maps of DC to hang on your wall, or get one of these as the perfect Christmas present!
Bloomingdale row houses (source: gullivers-nest.blogspot.com)
A Look Back at the Beale Family and the Origins of Bloomingdale
Discover the history of the Beale family and the origins of Bloomingdale. From the estate to the War of 1812 to the U.S. Census in 1850, learn the fascinating story behind this D.C. neighborhood.
Willard's Hotel
Philemon Herbert: The Colorful Life and Controversial Legacy of a 19th-Century California Congressman
Discover the intriguing story of Philemon T. Herbert, a notorious figure in 1850s California politics. From his tumultuous time in Congress to a shocking incident at a Washington hotel, explore the scandalous life and dramatic downfall of Philemon Herbert.
Isometrical view of the Presidents House, the surrounding public buildings, and private residences - 1984 (LIbrary of Congress)
An Isometrical View of the White House and Surrounding Area in the 1850s
Take a look at an isometrical view of the White House and the surrounding area in the 1850s. This unique view was found in the Library of Congress archives and was done in 1984.
Map of the city of Washington D.C. : established as the permanent seat of the government of the U.S. of Am. / James Keily, surveyor. - 1851 (Library of Congress)
Discovering an Amazing Old Map of Washington, D.C. from 1851
Check out this amazing 1851 map of Washington, D.C.! I found this gem on the Library of Congress' website. Sign up for our updates and follow us on Facebook for more discoveries from Ghosts of DC.
Leaflet calling for funds to help complete the Washington Monument by John Carroll Brent in 1854 (Library of Congress)
John Carroll Brent's Appeal for Funds to Complete the Washington Monument in 1854
In 1854, John Carroll Brent called upon Americans to donate funds to complete the Washington Monument with the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations. Learn more about this failed attempt and the history of the monument.

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