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Posted In 1850s

Fisks' burial cases - 1853
Uncovering a Fascinating Old Advertisement Sent in by a GoDCer
Discover a fascinating old advertisement sent in by a GoDCer. Nancy sent in an old ad for her great-great grandfather's business. See the ad and learn more about its history.
A Journey Back in Time: Spectacular Photos of the U.S. Treasury Department Building's Construction in the 1850s
Take a journey back in time and behold spectacular photos of the U.S. Treasury Department Building's construction in the 1850s! Plus, check out two other amazing photos of the building from 1890 and 1860.
Exploring an 1857 View of Washington, D.C. with the Smithsonian in the Distance
Explore an 1857 view of Washington, D.C. with the Smithsonian in the distance. Click on the image for a larger version to study. See if you can spot the Washington Monument just out of the frame on the right.
David L. Yulee (U.S. National Archives)
First Jewish Senator Supported Florida's Secession
David Levy Yulee, of Florida, was not only one of the first senators from that state, but he was also the first Jewish senator.
February 27th, 1857
What Good Hope Hill in Anacostia was Like in 1857: Earn $200 Per Year as a Sober Gardener!
Learn what Good Hope Hill in Anacostia was like in 1857 - and how a sober gardener could earn $200 per year! Later, it was the location of the German Orphan Home.
1854 train tickets
How Much Was a Train Ticket from Washington to St. Louis in 1854?
How much did a train ticket cost from Washington to St. Louis in 1854? We found the answer in an old advertisement: $26.50 - roughly $660 in today's money. Compare this with a flight today, which costs around $280.
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A Fascinating Look at Old Photos of Washington D.C.
Take a look back in time with this fascinating video showing a collection of old photos of Washington D.C. Get a glimpse of the city's past and see how it has changed over the years.
reward for stolen sailboat
Unsolved Mystery: The Stolen Sailboat of 1854
Did you know there was a stolen sailboat in 1854? Read the full unsolveted mystery of the stolen boat ad in the Daily Evening Star, July 5th, 1854. Did they ever find the boat?
advertisement for bricklayers in 1853
160 Years Ago Today: Montgomery C. Meigs Placed an Advertisement for Skilled Bricklayers to Help Expand the U.S. Capitol
160 years ago today, Montgomery C. Meigs placed an advertisement in the Daily Evening Star for skilled bricklayers to help in the expansion of the U.S. Capitol. Check out a great photo from 1858 of the Capitol under construction!
omnibus advertisement - July 5th, 1854
A Look Back at an Old Omnibus Advertisement from 1854
Take a look back in time to 1854 with this old omnibus advertisement from the Daily Evening Star. Learn more about the coach service to Alexandria and the history behind it!

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