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Why Is It Named The Smithsonian?
Did you know our greatest museum was funded by and named for an Englishman who never set foot in the United States? Read up on the origins of the Smithsonian and how it was born in our nation's capital.
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Uncovering the Washington Directory from 1822
Take a peek into the past with the Washington Directory from 1822 by Judah Delano. See all the regular people living in the city, including the fifth President of the United States, James Monroe!
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Exploring D.C.'s History: An Incredible 1825 French Map of Washington, D.C.
Discover history and explore the nation's capital with an incredible 1825 French map of Washington, D.C.! From the incredible map collection run by David Rumsey.
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A Look Back at the Beale Family and the Origins of Bloomingdale
Discover the history of the Beale family and the origins of Bloomingdale. From the estate to the War of 1812 to the U.S. Census in 1850, learn the fascinating story behind this D.C. neighborhood.
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View of the Capitol, by Charles Burton, Watercolor on Paper - 1824
Take a look at this iconic image of the US Capitol as it was in 1824. View of the Capitol, by Charles Burton, Watercolor on Paper - 1824 (sourced from the US Capitol Visitor Center website).
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If You're a D.C. History Nerd, You'll Find This Fascinating: A Look at the Capitol in 1814
Are you a D.C. history nerd? Check out this fascinating production from UMBC's Imaging Research Center that takes a look at what the Capitol looked like in 1814. The voiceover is a little dry, but follow along and watch the whole thing. It's very interesting!
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