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Category: In Hotel Lobbies

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In Hotel Lobbies: Mark Twain at the Willard
Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) date unknown (Library of Congress) The creator of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn was in our city back in December 1906 to participate in the copyright hearings before Congress. The Washington Post mentioned them in in their “People Met in Hotel Lobbies” section. “I should like to talk to you, but I have just retired and am bound for sleep,” said...
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In Hotel Lobbies: Lou Gehrig Celebrates the New Year in Washington
The Iron Horse himself, Lou Gehrig, was in our city to celebrate the start of a new year in 1929. He was staying at the old Hotel Occidental on Pennsylvania Ave.
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In Hotel Lobbies: Speaker Cannon Comments on Congressional Recess
Congressman Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois is considered by many as the most powerful Speaker of the House in American history. From 1903 to 1911 he was a congressman from Illinois, presiding over the United States House of Representatives. Congressman Joseph G. Cannon (Wikipedia) In December 1914, he was staying at the Willard Hotel. The Washington Post reported on him in their daily hotel...
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In Hotel Lobbies: Kicking off a New Category with the Story of Buffalo Bill in Washington, DC
Explore the history of Buffalo Bill in Washington, DC with the first entry in a new blog category, 'In Hotel Lobbies'. Learn about his Wild West Show, his friendship with Senator Warren, and his project to irrigate the Big Horn Basin.
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