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Mark Twain in DC: Humor at Congressional Copyright Hearings
Discover the story of Mark Twain's visit to DC in December of 1906 as he testified before Congress on copyright hearings. His testimony was sprinkled with humor to lighten the mood of the committee. Read the article to find out more!
Lou Gehrig in 1939 (NY Daily News)
Celebrating the New Year with Lou Gehrig in 1929
Celebrating the New Year in 1929, Lou Gehrig, the Iron Horse himself, was in Washington, DC to ring in the New Year. Read about his famous farewell speech and his stay at the Occidental Hotel.
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Congressman Joseph G. Cannon: The Most Powerful Speaker of the House in US History
Joseph G. Cannon served as Speaker of the House from 1903-1911 and is considered by many to be the most powerful Speaker of the House in American history. Read more to learn about his legacy!
Buffalo Bill (1903)
In Hotel Lobbies: Kicking off a New Category with the Story of Buffalo Bill in Washington, DC
Explore the history of Buffalo Bill in Washington, DC with the first entry in a new blog category, 'In Hotel Lobbies'. Learn about his Wild West Show, his friendship with Senator Warren, and his project to irrigate the Big Horn Basin.

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