Who Is The Man in the Middle?

Who is the man in the middle?

Can any GoDCer help us identify the man in the middle? GoDCer Josh sent this in back in January and we’re now getting around to posting it (sorry it took so long Josh).

Who is the man in the middle?

Who is the man in the middle?

Below is the email he sent with the image.


I think you re-tweeted this photo when we posted it, but despite multiple retweets, we haven’t gotten any closer to an answer.

So, would you mind sending this out in one of your e-mails too?

Our main question is: Is the man in the center Dave Clarke?  Secondarily, any clue on the date?  (The dates when Barry was Mayor, Clarke was Council Chair, and the third person, Ruth Dixon, was head of the League of Women Voters…unfortunately don’t overlap, so that easy means of guesstimating the date is a no-go.)

Much obliged!



GoDCers, help Josh out! Add your comments below.

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