Day: December 23, 2013

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Young Mother’s Mysterious Death; Was She Poisoned?

Here’s an interesting story that we dug up in The Washington Post from August 21st, 1885. A few weeks ago a respectable-looking young woman rang the bell at George Duval’s boarding-house, at the corner of Four-and-a-half street, on the south

Ace Ventura

Poodle Dognapped from Friendship Animal Hospital

What a bizarre story this is. This poor poodle was dognapped while being boarded at Friendship Animal Hospital. We found this story in The Washington Post, printed on February 7th, 1956. A black, pedigreed French poodle–with fancy hairdo and all–was stolen

Know Your D.C. Streets

Okay, this isn’t exactly a history post, but it very much is related to your knowledge of our city. We came across some great maps of city streets while browsing one of our favorite sites, Greater Greater Washington. Below are

Map of a Rural Columbia Heights

What a cool map. We posted one last week showing the area around Tenleytown as it looked on an 1892 map. The area covered in the map includes today’s Columbia Heights, Park View, and a little Mt. Pleasant. Source: Library

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Mercedes-Benz Advertisement in 1961

Check out this old advertisement from The Washington Post. It was printed on June 23rd, 1961, and you can still go to 585 N. Glebe Rd. today to purchase a Mercedes-Benz.

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