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Exploring the Streets of Washington DC Through Maps

Take a journey through the streets of Washington DC with these maps from Greater Greater Washington and Flickr user Matt Johnson. Learn more about the city's history and explore the different street systems.
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Okay, this isn’t exactly a history post, but it very much is related to your knowledge of our city. We came across some great maps of city streets while browsing one of our favorite sites, Greater Greater Washington. Below are a few maps from Flickr, courtesy of Matt Johnson (who, by the way, has some really amazing photos that you should check out).

L'Enfants plan
L’Enfant’s plan
State streets in DC
State streets in DC
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Numbered streets in DC
Numbered streets in DC
lettered streets in DC
lettered streets in DC
alphabet streets
alphabet streets


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Source: Flickr user tracktwentynine

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