Day: December 3, 2013

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freshman members of Congress 1947

Photo of Boyish Kennedy and Nixon

Whoa, this is cool. If you haven’t seen this before, it’s a photo from 1947 when both Kennedy and Nixon were member of the House of Representatives. Kennedy looks like he’s 18 and Nixon about 23.

Intersection of 9th and F St. NW (1888)

Running a Successful Boarding House in the 1880s

This is a cool article that we found in The Washington Post, printed on October 14th, 1882. It mentions the key components of running a successful boarding house in Washington. To make a success of a boarding house, several things

1940s DC rowhouse

Color Photo of Rowhouse in the 1940s

Wow, this is beautiful. Any idea where this house is? This looks like it could be Dupont, or maybe Columbia Heights? Source: vintage everyday UPDATE: A reader tweeted the following. @GhostsofDC @UrbanTurf_DC looks like Hillyer Pl NW in Dupont. Around houses

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