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Posted In July 31, 2013

Vice President John N. Garner and others in automobile
The Awkward Sight of Vice President John Nance Garner Squished in a Car with a Lot of Men
Check out this awkward photo of Vice President John Nance Garner, one of FDR's three VPs, squished in a car with a lot of other men. Taken around 1939. Source: Library of Congress.
Basement below east terraces. 3 June 1991. - Lincoln Memorial, West Potomac Park, Washington, District of Columbia, DC
Exploring the Secret Basement of the Lincoln Memorial
Have you heard of the secret basement of the Lincoln Memorial? Join us as we explore this mysterious area and uncover its secrets.
1894 map of D.C.
A Rare Look at D.C. in 1894, with a Surprising Unbuilt Bridge
Check out this rare map of the D.C. area from 1894 and see the Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge, which was never built. Plus, see the source from the National Archives.

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