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Posted In August 31, 2012

The Royal Visit to the White House in 1960: When Mary Jean Eisenhower Detoured Traffic
In September 1960, the U.S. and Japan celebrated 100 years of diplomatic relations with a state visit. An amusing article was published in the Washington Post detailing the state dinner at the White House, including when Mary Jean Eisenhower detoured traffic. Read the full story here!
Hillcrest Heights real estate advertisement - September 23rd, 1961
Expanding our Reach: Ghosts of DC Looks at Hillcrest Heights
We're expanding our reach at Ghosts of DC! Check out this real estate advertisement from Hillcrest Heights, Maryland, just outside the District border on Southern Ave. Se. Send us your suggestions for other neighborhoods and communities to explore!
Washington, D.C., circa 1925. "Ford Motor Co. truck, John H. Wilkins Co." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. (Shorpy)
A Fascinating Colorized Photo of a Wilkins Coffee Truck Being Loaded on Location
Take a closer look at this fascinating colorized photo of a Wilkins Coffee truck being loaded on location, somewhere on the 500 block of Rhode Island Ave. NE. Click on it to see the man that looks just like Robert DeNiro. Learn more about Wilkins Coffee with this article.

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