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Tunlaw Rd. and 39th St.
Why Is It Named Tunlaw Road?
There once was a great suburban Washington estate called Tunlaw, in what is today Wesley Heights - the home stood at 45th and Klingle.
Wesley Heights -1891
Take a Look at this Fascinating Advertisement from The Washington Post in 1891
Discover a piece of history with this incredible old advertisement from The Washington Post in 1891. Take a look and explore a fascinating moment in time!
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25 Years Later: A Look at an Old Real Estate Ad From 1988
Take a look back in time to an old classified advertisement from The Washington Post from exactly 25 years ago. See what homes were available and the interest rates that were charged in 1988.
The Westchester (Flickr user Anomalous_A)
Three Things About The Westchester at 4000 Cathedral Ave. NW
We’re on a roll with these “Three Things…” posts, so why not crank out another one. This time, we’re going to focus on The Westchester at 4000 Cathedral Ave. NW. Christy, The Westchester’s resident ambassador for GoDC sent in the suggestion and, after a little digging in the archives, it appears that the building has some interesting tales to share. Thank you for your kind words Christy, always much appreciated. The Westchester (Flickr user Anomalous_A) The...

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