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Air Florida Flight 90 Tragedy: Blizzard, Heroism, and the Potomac's Icy Waters
Explore the harrowing tale of Air Florida Flight 90's crash into the Potomac River during Washington D.C.'s 1982 blizzard. Uncover stories of tragedy, remarkable heroism, and the city's struggle amidst a day of unparalleled despair.
What Did National Airport Look Like in 1941?
Washington's new airport opened for business in June 1941. This series of detailed photos shows what flying was like 80 years ago, more glamorous, quaint, and dressed up.
Take a Look at the Magazine Rack at National Airport in 1941
Take a look at a cool old photo of the magazine rack at National Airport when it opened in 1941. Plus, explore some more old photos and read three great stories from the airport!
Exploring the Aerial Views of National Airport in Arlington Before Pearl Harbor
Explore the fascinating old image of the aerial view of National Airport in Arlington, Virginia before Pearl Harbor in 1941. Read more to discover this historic sight!
aerial view of Washington National and the Pentagon
Exploring Arlington: Aerial Photos of Washington National and the Pentagon, and Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow
Explore Arlington, VA with two great photos sent in by GoDCer Ken. The first is an aerial photo around Washington National and the Pentagon. The second is Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow.
plane taxing to the runway at National Airport
Celebrating 72 Years of National Airport: The Opening Day and Three Little Known Facts
Celebrating National Airport's 72nd anniversary! Learn about the opening day in 1941, plus three little known facts about the beloved airport.
One Of The Bicyclists Holds Her Ears Against The Roar Of The Jet, Taking Off From National Airport, May 1973
Relaxing and Watching Planes Take Off at Gravelly Point in National Airport
Spend your weekends relaxing and watching planes take off at Gravelly Point in National Airport. Get a glimpse at the beauty of a jet taking off with a shot of four women watching.
New York Avenue after the riots in 1968
Exploring Washington, D.C. Through the Photos of GoDCer Tony, a D.C. Native
Explore Washington, D.C. through the eyes of GoDCer Tony - a D.C. native. Tony's father was a pilot with Eastern Airlines and he's shared some of his photos, including shots of National Airport (not Reagan), the 1962 MLB All-Star Game at D.C. Stadium (i.e., RFK) and more!
A Pan Am 707 on the runway
Aviation History in the Washington Region: The First Transatlantic Passenger Jet Service
Aviation has a long history in the Washington area. In 1958, Pan Am inaugurated their transatlantic passenger jet service. President Eisenhower was present for the christening ceremony at National Airport. Learn more about this historic moment!
Eastern Air Lines DC-4 (1940s)
Planes Collide Near National Airport Killing 55
A horrific air disaster occurred on November 1st, 1949 near National Airport. An inbound passenger flight from Boston collided with a small military plane, killing everyone on board.

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