From the Crazy Vault / 27.02.2012

A horrific air disaster occurred on November 1st, 1949 near National Airport. An inbound passenger flight from Boston collided with a small military plane, killing everyone on board. This was the front page article of the Washington Post the following morning, reporting on the worst airliner disaster in U.S. history. Among the victims were Congressman George Bates of Massachusetts, Helen Hokinson, New Yorker cartoonist and Michael Kennedy, former Congressman from New York.
Fifty-five persons aboard an Eastern Air Lines passenger airliner were killed here yesterday in mid-air collision with a war surplus fighter plane purchased by Bolivia. The airship, broken in two by the descending P-38, plunged without flames to the bank and deep water of a Potomac River bend, just south of National Airport. The crash occurred at 11:46 a.m. Sole survivor of the crash, the worst in American airplane history, was the Bolivian ace pilot of the fighter plane. He was in critical condition last night at Alexandria Hospital, with a broken back and fractured skull.
Faces & Places of Yesterday / 08.02.2012

Dulles International Airport is one of only two federally owned airports in the country (National Airport being the other). Some find it to be an ugly monstrosity. Others find it to be an architectural masterpiece --  I am firmly in this camp -- however, many functionality compromises were made in the name of aesthetics. Eero Saarinen, the notable Finnish architect, known for his sweeping designs, was responsible for the design, but unfortunately died a year before John F. Kennedy presided over the opening on November 17th, 1962. Saarinen was an architectural badass (call him the Sprinkle of architects), designing the TWA terminal at JFK and the St. Louis Arch. Maybe you're familiar with these? So, my post last week about Concorde's first arrival at Dulles (and first in the U.S.) piqued my interest in digging up some archival footage of the airport. The footage I found is archival film of  Dulles Airport that I came across while trolling YouTube. It was a professionally produced  marketing film from 1962, the year Dulles opened. The music is awesome and so 60s. I feel like the Pink Panther will show up at any minute.