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What Did National Airport Look Like in 1941?
Washington's new airport opened for business in June 1941. This series of detailed photos shows what flying was like 80 years ago, more glamorous, quaint, and dressed up.
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Take a Look at the Magazine Rack at National Airport in 1941
Take a look at a cool old photo of the magazine rack at National Airport when it opened in 1941. Plus, explore some more old photos and read three great stories from the airport!
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1939 National Airport Photo Survey
National Airport in Arlington was opened in the summer of 1941, several months before Pearl Harbor. Below is a fascinating old image showing the aerial view of what would eventually become National Airport.
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Ken's Photos of Arlington, VA - Washington National and the Pentagon and Spout Run Near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow
Check out two great photos sent in by GoDCer Ken, raised in Arlington, VA. The first shot is an aerial photo around Washington National and the Pentagon. The second is Spout Run near Lee Highway and Dead Man's Hollow.
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June 16th, 1941: The Day National Airport Opened for Business
At the entrance to the municipal airport in Washington, D.C. – July 1st, 1941 Who doesn’t love National Airport (correct, not Reagan)? There is no argument that the approach from the north as you’re landing, has the best views of any approach to a major urban airport. Just make sure you’re sitting on the left side of the plane. Also, if you’re an avid plane watcher,...
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Relaxing and Watching Planes Take Off at Gravelly Point in National Airport
Spend your weekends relaxing and watching planes take off at Gravelly Point in National Airport. Get a glimpse at the beauty of a jet taking off with a shot of four women watching.
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Exploring Washington, D.C. Through the Photos of GoDCer Tony, a D.C. Native
Explore Washington, D.C. through the eyes of GoDCer Tony - a D.C. native. Tony's father was a pilot with Eastern Airlines and he's shared some of his photos, including shots of National Airport (not Reagan), the 1962 MLB All-Star Game at D.C. Stadium (i.e., RFK) and more!
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President Eisenhower's Heart Attack and Return to Washington in 1956
In September 1955, President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while visiting Denver and spent seven weeks recovering. In February 1956, he and the First Lady returned to Washington, greeted by Vice President Nixon, President Hoover, and a cheering crowd. Later in 1956, Eisenhower was reelected to a second term.
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Pan Am's First Passenger Jet to Europe (1958)
Aviation has a strong history in the Washington area. Following on the heels of our last aeronautical first (Concorde at Dulles), here is another first for the region and the country. In the fall of 1958, Pan Am (i.e., the planet’s largest and coolest airline) was getting set to inaugurate their transatlantic passenger jet service. The four-engined Boeing 707 was to go through a christening...
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Planes Collide Near National Airport Killing 55
A horrific air disaster occurred on November 1st, 1949 near National Airport. An inbound passenger flight from Boston collided with a small military plane, killing everyone on board.
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A Look Back at Dulles Airport When it Opened in 1962
Take a trip back in time to 1962 when Dulles International Airport opened. Learn about the architecture and design of the airport, and watch archival footage of the opening day. See how much the airport has changed since then!
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