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view down Pennsylvania Avenue toward Capitol Building
A Rare Glimpse into the Early 19th Century: A Painting of the Capitol Building
Take a trip back in time with this rare painting of the Capitol Building from the early 19th century. Get a glimpse of the Capitol as it looked more than 200 years ago. Source: Library of Congress.
Capitol Dome being painted
A Cool Photo: Painting the Capitol Dome on August 26th, 1922
Take a look at this cool photo taken on August 26th, 1922, when a gentleman was hanging from the top of the Capitol to paint it. Source: Library of Congress.
Capitol Building in 1924
A Glimpse Into the Past: An Incredible Photo of the Capitol Building in 1924
Take a look back in time with this incredible photo of the Capitol Building in 1924. See the amazing architecture and get a glimpse into the past with this amazing photo!
In late 1959 through 1960, the Capitol Dome underwent a significant repair and restoration effort and at the end of 1959 the exterior of the Dome was surrounded by scaffold.
Remember the Red Capitol Dome? Here's Another Great View of It
Relive the red Capitol Dome with this amazing view! Learn about the repairs and restoration effort done in the late 1950s and the significance behind the color red. Read more about it here!
J.P. Morgan, the Senate Reception Room Bombing & the Attempted Murder of J.P. Morgan in July 1915
Learn about the attempted murder of J.P. Morgan in July 1915 and its connection to a bomb that exploded in the Senate Reception Room. Discover the backstory of J.P. Morgan in 1919 and its role in US foreign relations in Paris.
Abraham Lincoln delivers his second inaugural address
Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: A Look at the Photo and the Document
Explore the photo of Abraham Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address and the original document. Learn about the confrontation between Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth that may have saved Lincoln's life.
National Mall
A Stunning Look at the National Mall in 1936
Take a look at this beautiful shot of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. as seen from the Washington Monument in 1936. See the full picture here!
View from the Capitol Roof
The 1861 View From The Capitol Roof: A Look North
Take a look at the 1861 view from the Capitol roof! This post looks at the sites visible from Washington, DC in 1861, including the ghostly, blurred waving American flag in the center. Source: Library of Congress.
Circa 1908. "West front, U.S. Capitol, Washington."
Discovering an Incredible Black and White Photograph of the Capitol
Come take a look at this incredible black and white photograph of the Capitol. We hadn't come across it before and it's certainly stunning. Source: Shorpy.
early drawing of the Capitol
An Early Drawing of the Capitol: A Look Back at the Time of its Completion
Take a look at an early drawing of the Capitol from the time of its completion. Source: Library of Congress. Learn more about the history of this iconic building!

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