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A Thanksgiving Look Back: Photos of Peirce Mill and Spring House in Rock Creek Park, DC Taken in 1910
This Thanksgiving, take a look back at historical photos of Peirce Mill and the Rock Creek Park spring house in 1910. Amazingly, the structures look almost exactly the same today!
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Reverend Alexander Crummell's Thanksgiving Sermon, November 26, 1895
Reverend Alexander Crummell was an African American who was recognized by WEB Dubois for his abilities in the book Souls of Black Folk (1903). We found the sermon he gave entitled A Thanksgiving Sermon, on November 26, 1895. He delivered the sermon to three congregations, including the 15th St. Presbyterian Church, and the two Congressional Churches. Crummell, who was the reverend at St. Luke’s...
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How D.C. Reported on the Last Thanksgivukkah in 1888
In 1888, mainstream coverage of Thanksgivukkah (the convergence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving) was minimal. Learn what the Washington Post and National Tribune reported on this rare calendar quirk 125 years ago.
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How Sarah Josepha Hale Urged Abraham Lincoln to Establish a National Day of Thanksgiving
Learn how Sarah Josepha Hale wrote to Abraham Lincoln in 1863 and urged him to establish a national day of thanksgiving. Read the transcribed letter, Lincoln's proclamation, and Obama's 2013 Thanksgiving Proclamation.
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A Glimpse Into the Past: Park View in 1924, Captured Just Before Thanksgiving
Take a step back in time to Park View in 1924, captured just before Thanksgiving. See the man searching for the perfect bird for the family feast in this National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
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November 29th, 1906: Happy Thanksgiving
Here is an appropriate newspaper front page. This is from The Washington Herald on Thursday, November 29th, 1906 … “From a Little Acorn – A Sturdy Oak Did Grow.” The Washington Herald – November 29th, 1906
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