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Celebrating Christmas with Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy and His Son Edwin Denby Jr.
Celebrate a formal Christmas with Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy, and his 10-year-old son Edwin Denby Jr. who was tragically killed in WWII. See the 1922 Denby Christmas photo featuring Junior's excitement for his new rifle.
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Arrival of First Japanese Embassy at the Navy Yard (1860)
In January 1860, the Tokugawa shogunate sent a delegation to the United States with the primary objective of ratifying the Treaty of Friendship, Commerce and Navigation (aka, the Harris Treaty). Commodore Matthew Perry (not Chandler) had opened Japan (forcefully) in 1854 and this was the first Japanese diplomatic mission sent to the United States. This historic event is particularly...
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If Walls Could Talk: Napoleon Relatives Lived on K Street?
Did you know that a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte once lived in Washington, DC right on K Street?
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Three Random Stories About Farragut Square
What is the history of Farragut Square in Washington, DC? Read three great stories from its past.
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