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First Japanese Embassy in America: Ending Centuries of Isolationism
Dive into the captivating tale of Japan's 1860 leap from centuries of isolation to forging ties with the U.S. Uncover their daring voyage, America's samurai intrigue, and the birth of a legendary alliance.
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Remembering the Denby Christmas Tree: A Look Back at a Formal Christmas Celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and His Son
Take a look back at a formal Christmas celebrated by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby and his son. See the photo of the Denby Christmas tree and learn the tragic story of Edwin Denby, Jr.
Napoleon Bonaparte painting
Did You Know A Napoleon Lived on K Street?
Did you know that a direct descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte once lived in Washington, DC right on K Street?
Farragut Square circa 1881 (maritimequest.com)
Three Random Stories About Farragut Square
What is the history of Farragut Square in Washington, DC? Read three great stories from its past.

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