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The Complex Relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter: A Look Back at the 1979 White House Visit
Discover the intricacies of the relationship between Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Carter during the turbulent times of 1979 in the United States. This blog post delves into their similarities and differences, their joint vision, and the significance of Thatcher's visit to the White House. Read on to learn more about the historical ties that bind the US and UK together and the subsequent impact of this...
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When Did the President Start Using a Helicopter?
Check out the video of the landing tests they performed on the White House South Lawn in 1957.
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Dramatic Attempt to Assassinate President Truman in Blair House
A brazen daylight assassination attempt against President Truman took place right on Pennsylvania Avenue with a shootout in front of Blair House. It was carried out by militant Puerto Rican pro-independence activists. White House Police officer Leslie Coffelt, was killed protecting the President.
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"The President's Walk" Was Almost Reagan's Last
Hinckley was arrested and found not guilty of his charges by reason of insanity. He was sent to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC, less than ten minutes from the place he attempted to assassinate Reagan.
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A Look Back: Comparing FDR, Eisenhower, and Obama Inauguration Photos
Take a look back at history with photos of historic inaugurations of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and Barack Obama. See how the ceremonies have changed over the years!
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Which President Got a Speeding Ticket on a Horse?
Ulysses Grant was arrested for speeding by William West, an African-American metropolitan policeman. This is a great historical story.
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President McKinley and the 1901 Inauguration Parade
Explore the 1901 Inauguration Parade of President McKinley! Learn more about the parade, its participants and a photo of McKinley from the same year riding through the streets of Oakland in this look back in history!
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Time Warp: Welcome to Groundhog Day and the 1995 Federal Government Shutdown
Welcome to Groundhog Day! We revisit the 1995 Federal Government Shutdown and the West Wing episode it inspired. Plus, who plays Ted Cruz in the movie adaptation? Read more to find out!
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Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address: A Look at the Photo and the Document
Explore the photo of Abraham Lincoln delivering his second inaugural address and the original document. Learn about the confrontation between Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth that may have saved Lincoln's life.
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The Mayflower Hotel: FDR, Monica Lewinsky and the Walker Hotel and Apartments
The Mayflower Hotel has seen a lot of history, from FDR's famous "Nothing to Fear" speech to Monica Lewinsky's blue dress. Learn more about the "Grande Dame of Washington" and the Walker Hotel and Apartments.
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A Letter from Bill Clinton to Ronald Reagan in 1988
Uncover the interesting history between Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan when we dug up this letter from 1988 when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas at the National Archives.
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An Amazing Piece of American History: Lincoln's Campaign Banner from 1860
Discover an amazing piece of American history – a large campaign banner for Republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln from the 1860 election. View the thirty-three star American flag pattern and bust portrait of Lincoln encircled by stars. Learn more here!
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The Clintons Playing Baseball in the Rose Garden: A Candid Moment from 1994
Relive a candid moment from 1994 with Bill & Hillary Clinton, as they practice for an Opening Day ceremony in the Rose Garden. See the original photo!
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Francis H. Robinson: The Man Behind the Wheel at the White House
Meet Francis H. Robinson, the long-time chauffeur at the White House who drove six presidents, countless kings and queens, and other dignitaries. Learn the history of the automobile at the White House, plus amusing anecdotes about each president's driving preference.
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Exploring the History of William Howard Taft: A Photographic Journey
Explore the history of William Howard Taft with this photographic journey! See images of Taft at the baseball game in 1912 and 1916 and learn more about the 27th president of the United States.
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A Special Gift to the Big Train: Six Baseballs Autographed by Six Presidents
Walter Johnson's special gift to the National Baseball Museum at Cooperstown, New York was six baseballs autographed by six presidents: Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover. With the exception of those autographed by Roosevelt and Hoover, the balls were thrown out at opening games during Johnson's tenure as star pitcher for the...
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Rutherford B. Hayes Inauguration: Photos from 1877
Not many remember Rutherford B. Hayes, but we'd like to shine a light on the 19th President with a series of photos from his 1877 Inauguration. See the Senate wing of the U.S. Capitol, inauguration stand, and more!
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Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905: Amazing Photographs from the Library of Congress
Check out these amazing photographs from Teddy Roosevelt's Inauguration in 1905, thanks to the Library of Congress. Take a look at these beautiful images of the President on his way to the Capitol.
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What to Wear to the 1969 Inauguration: A Guide to Appropriate Attire
Get a glimpse into the past and learn what was considered appropriate attire for the 1969 inauguration of Richard Nixon. Learn more about the formal dress code and where to buy a "Club Coat" for the ceremony.
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Exploring the History of Inaugural Balls, 100 Years Ago Today
Learn about the history of Inaugural Balls, 100 years ago with a look at the front page of the Washington Herald on Friday, January 17th, 1913. Discover the austerity of Obama's second term mirrored in the desires articulated by newly elected President Woodrow Wilson.
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James Brown at Richard Nixon's Inauguration: Wait, What?
Believe it or not, James Brown, Godfather of Soul, performed at Richard Nixon's 1969 inauguration. Learn why he accepted the gig and how his relationship with Nixon changed over time.
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Teddy Roosevelt "Frightened" By Drunk Man on Massachusetts Avenue? Not a Chance!
Teddy Roosevelt lived a life of daring and bravery. Even when faced with a drunken man on Massachusetts Avenue, he remained unfazed. You won't believe what he did after being shot in the chest! Read on to find out more about Teddy Roosevelt's incredible story.
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John Adams' Proudest Act: Nominating John Marshall to Become Chief Justice
Read about John Adams' proudest act: nominating John Marshall to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Learn more about the historic letter and its significance in this blog post from Ghosts of DC.
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Uncovering History: The Letter John F. Kennedy Sent on Inauguration Day 1961 Nominating his Cabinet
Uncovering a piece of history: see the letter John F. Kennedy sent on Inauguration Day 1961 nominating his cabinet and watch his amazing inauguration address.
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A Look Back at President Calvin Coolidge and the Boy Scouts of America at the White House
Take a look back at President Calvin Coolidge and the Boy Scouts of America at the White House on May 1, 1926. See the historic photo of the event on GhostsofDC.org.
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The Triumphant Return of President Eisenhower After His Heart Attack
In September 1955, President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack while visiting Denver. Early the following year, he and the First Lady returned to Washington, greeted by Vice President Nixon, former President Hoover, and a cheering crowd of supporters. By the end of the year, he was reelected to a second term.
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Revisiting the Oval Office with John F Kennedy in Rare Old Film Footage (in German)
Relive the days of John F Kennedy in the Oval Office with this rare old film footage. The narration in this clip is in German - revisit the past with JFK and experience a piece of history!
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The Tragic Story of President Johnson's Pet Beagle Run Over by the White House Limousine
On June 15th, 1966, President Johnson's beagle was accidentally run over by the White House limousine in the driveway. Here's the heartbreaking report from the Washington Post the following day.
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President Kennedy's Non-Political Texas Trip, Two Days Before He Was Assassinated
On November 20th, 1963, President Kennedy made a 'non-political' trip to Texas, the Vice President's home state. Two days later, he was assassinated. Read more here to learn about the events leading up to his tragic death.
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The Assassination of President Lincoln: The War Department's Wanted Poster
The assassination of President Lincoln is one of the most tragic events in the history of Washington. Learn about the War Department's wanted poster for the conspirators and the massive hunt for them in the days following the assassination.
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