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Who is the man in the middle?
Can GoDCers Help Us Identify the Man in the Middle? GoDCer Josh Sent This in Back in January
GoDCers, help solve the mystery! GoDCer Josh sent this photo in back in January and we're now getting around to posting it. Could you help identify the man in the middle? Add your comments below and help us solve the mystery!
Mayor Marion Barry and his wife Effi
Mayor Marion Barry's Proposal to Rename a Portion of Mass. Ave. After Nelson Mandela in 1985
In 1985, Mayor Marion Barry proposed renaming a portion of Massachusetts Avenue in front of the South African Embassy after anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela. Read the interesting story from The Baltimore Sun from July 3rd, 1985.
Marion Barry arrested by the FBI
The Story Behind the Story: How a Photo Made a Career for Bill O'Leary
Sometimes the story behind the story is almost as sensational as the original news. Learn the amazing tale of Bill O'Leary and how he captured the infamous photo of Marion Barry in handcuffs outside his home in southeast DC.
Ghost Dog visits the Duke Ellington Bridge
Ghost Dog Visits the Duke Ellington Bridge: Three Stories From This Historic Landmark
Ghost Dog went on a walk this past weekend to seek out three stories from the Duke Ellington Bridge (formerly known as the Calvert Street Bridge). Learn about the opening day, a 100-foot plunge, and a compromise on aesthetics to save lives.

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