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Josh Gibson, Homestead Grays
A Short Biographical Video About Legendary Slugger Josh Gibson
Check out this short biographical video about the legendary slugger Josh Gibson. Learn more about his fascinating life and tragic death. This video is a great introduction to Josh Gibson, one of the most remarkable figures in baseball history.
Homestead Grays in 1944 (Smithsonian)
The Homestead Grays: A Nostalgic Look at the Negro League Baseball Team
Take a nostalgic look at the Homestead Grays, the Negro League baseball team that was founded in Pittsburgh and eventually closing out their existence at Griffith Stadium. Watch the whole video for appearances from former Mayor Anthony Williams and a great history lesson.
Josh Gibson scores a run in the 1944 Negro League East-West All-Star Game at Comiskey Park
Josh Gibson's Mental Health Challenges and Cause of Death
Explore the tragic story of Josh Gibson, one of baseball's greatest hitters, who faced severe mental health challenges and his cause of death at 35 was a stroke, just months before Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier.

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