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Howard University Proposes Extending Vermont Avenue in 1919
Vermont Avenue was almost extended all the way to Georgia Avenue near Howard University. See the map of the proposed extension.
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Griffith Stadium Meets the Wrecking Ball
The site of so many wonderful baseball and football memories, Griffith Stadium, had its life ended by the brutal swings of a wrecking ball in 1965. The hapless doormat of the American League, the Washington Senators stopped playing in there after the 1961 season, after which, the days were numbered.
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Why Is It Named LeDroit Park?
LeDroit Park was established as one of the first suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was named for a family member of the founders Amzi Barber.
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A Look Back at Howard University and St. John's College Football Teams in 1904 and 1906
Take a look back at Howard University and St. John's College football teams from 1904 and 1906. Check out the cool photos and learn about how the school has changed over time.
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The Best Commencement Speeches Given in Washington, DC
Check out the best commencement speeches ever given in Washington, DC from President John F. Kennedy to Ken Burns, Tony Snow and others. See the full lists from NPR and Vox.com.
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Dive into History: An Incredible Advertisement from Howard University in 1919
Take a trip back in time and explore this incredible advertisement from Howard University in 1919! Learn more about this fascinating piece of history.
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Experience a Historical Moment: Howard University Women's Athletic Day in 1949
Relive a historical moment with this cool photo from Howard University's Women's Athletic Day in 1949. See the photos and learn more about this special day!
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Exploring Howard University's Old Main Building: Two Great Photos
Take a look into the past with two photos of Howard University's Old Main Building. Explore the history of the building and its importance to the university.
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Did Frederick Douglass Buy the New Era from a Colored Newspaper Boy?
In this post, learn about an account of Frederick Douglass supporting a colored newspaper boy selling the New Era on Pennsylvania Avenue in 1870. Read about Douglass' attitude towards the younger generation and how he provided life advice and a couple of extra dollars.
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Frederick Douglass and Rutherford B. Hayes Speak at Howard University
This is a guest post by John (from The Lion of Anacostia), cross-posted here. Forget what you’ve heard, or rather haven’t heard or yet read. Frederick Douglass was a Howard Universityman through and through. Douglass was not just a lion, he was a Bison. Howard University from Robert N Dennis Collection Douglass raised funds and donated his money to Howard....
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Frederick Douglass: A Self-Made Man and Advocate for Equal Education in Washington
Frederick Douglass was a self-made man and advocate for equal education in Washington. He served on the Board of Trustees for Howard University for 25 years, giving speeches and raising money to help the students. Read about his impact and legacy.
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Doctor and His Carriage at the Smithsonian
Daniel H. Riggs, Howard University Medicine, in the South Yard of the Smithsonian Institution Building, stands next to his carriage. Picture shows the East Wing after Adolph Cluss’ 1884 renovation. Against the building are sheds, used by the Department of Living Animals, 1887-1890 (Smithsonian Archives) Here’s a photograph from 1890 which shows Dr. Daniel H. Riggs of Howard University...
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Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. at Howard University in 1957
Learn about the historic moment when Jackie Robinson and Martin Luther King Jr. were both receiving honorary degrees from Howard University in 1957. Read about the 8,500 people in attendance and the speech from ACLU executive director Patrick Murphy Malin.
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Old Columbia Heights: Where the Streets Have New Names
How did Columbia Heights get its street names? This history goes back to the early 1900s when street names came into alignment with the rest of the District.
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