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What Could Have Been: Howard University's Proposed Extension of Vermont Ave. in 1919
Take a look at what could have been! Howard University proposed extending Vermont Ave. from Florida Ave. to Georgia Ave. back in 1919. See the maps, read the letter of rejection, and check out the intersection today on Google Maps.
Griffith Stadium from the air in 1960 (Wikipedia)
Remembering Griffith Stadium: The Demise of a D.C. Landmark
Remember the days of Griffith Stadium? Learn about the demise of this D.C. landmark, which was the site of three World Series, two All-Star games, and eight U.S. Presidents. Read the sad article from the Washington Post and watch a YouTube video to learn more.
Why Is It Named LeDroit Park?
LeDroit Park was established as one of the first suburbs of Washington, D.C. It was named for a family member of the founders Amzi Barber.
Howard University football in 1904
A Look Back at Howard University and St. John's College Football Teams in 1904 and 1906
Take a look back at Howard University and St. John's College football teams from 1904 and 1906. Check out the cool photos and learn about how the school has changed over time.
The Best Commencement Speeches Given in Washington, DC
Check out the best commencement speeches ever given in Washington, DC from President John F. Kennedy to Ken Burns, Tony Snow and others. See the full lists from NPR and Vox.com.
Howard University of 1919
Dive into History: An Incredible Advertisement from Howard University in 1919
Take a trip back in time and explore this incredible advertisement from Howard University in 1919! Learn more about this fascinating piece of history.
Howard University Women’s Athletic Day, Nov. 1949
Experience a Historical Moment: Howard University Women's Athletic Day in 1949
Relive a historical moment with this cool photo from Howard University's Women's Athletic Day in 1949. See the photos and learn more about this special day!
Old Main Building
Exploring Howard University's Old Main Building: Two Great Photos
Take a look into the past with two photos of Howard University's Old Main Building. Explore the history of the building and its importance to the university.
Pennsylvania Ave. looking towards Treasury (Library of Congress)
Did Frederick Douglass Buy The New Era from a Colored Newspaper Boy?
This post explores the story of Frederick Douglass buying a newspaper from a colored newspaper boy on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. in January of 1870. Learn more about this fascinating moment in history!
Howard University from Robert N Dennis Collection
Forget What You've Heard: Frederick Douglass Was a Howard University Man
Discover the long-lasting legacy of Frederick Douglass at Howard University, from raising funds to receiving an honorary doctorate to testifying before Congress. Read about his speech at Howard in 1878.

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