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Exploring the History of the Iconic Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington DC
Take a look into the history of the iconic Hay-Adams Hotel in Washington DC. Learn about the home of former Secretary of State John Hay and view rare photos from 1888 and 1898.
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The Original Hay-Adams House, Captured by Frances Benjamin Johnston
Take a look at the original Hay-Adams house, captured in an iconic photograph by Frances Benjamin Johnston. Learn more about the historic house and its significance in this blog post.
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Under the Shadow of the Hay-Adams Hotel: The History of 16th and H St. NW
Discover the history of the corner of 16th and H St. NW in Washington, DC, including the Victorian homes of the Hay and Adams families that stood there before the Hay-Adams hotel was built in 1928. Learn about the hotel's famous guests too.
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