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Ghost Dog Has Three Stories From Sheridan Circle

Ghost Dog took last week off, but she’s back this today with three stories about Sheridan Circle. The circle is a quiet one at the intersection of Mass. Ave, 23rd St. and R St. NW. In 1888, the District Commissioners decided to name the circle after Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan 1. Bomb blast […]

Ghost Dog visits the Duke Ellington Bridge

Ghost Dog Fetches Three Stories About the Duke Ellington Bridge

Ghost Dog went on another walk this past weekend to seek out three more stories for the GoDC community. This time, she passed through Adams Morgan, en route to the Duke Ellington Bridge (formerly known as the Calvert Street Bridge). It was named in honor of Washington’s native son in 1974, after Ellington’s death. Construction […]

Ghost Dog at the old Capitol columns in the National Arboretum (looking for stories)

Ghost Dog Visits the National Arboretum to Dig Up Three Stories

The National Arboretum is an underappreciated gem in the heart of Northeast D.C. About two miles from the Capitol Building, situated on New York Ave., it covers 446 acres and has been in operation since 1927. If you have never visited, you need to go there this weekend, because you can easily spend hours getting […]

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