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Braddock’s Rock: A Stone Steeped in History and Controversy
Uncover the forgotten history of Braddock’s Rock – a 7-foot Potomac landmark from Colonial America that was conquered by Washington D.C.’s urban expansion only to vanish underground. Rediscover this site tied to key figures like George Washington and Edward Braddock which blazed the trail for the future capital’s surveyed beginnings despite modern obscurity.
The old U.S. Naval Observatory, on the Hilltop in Foggy Bottom, Washington D.C., the current headquarter of BUMED.
Watch This Really Cool Film Sent to Us by GoDCer Michael
Check out this really cool film sent to us by GoDCer Michael. We're sorry it took so long to post, but it's now available to watch - click the link to start streaming today!
1903 map of Foggy Bottom
Explore DC in 1903: A Map of the Department of State Location
Take a look back in time to explore DC in 1903 with this map of the Department of State! See the dog pound at 23rd and C St. and the Herdic-Phaeton building at 19th and E St.
Explosion in Foggy Bottom: Was it a Meteor or a Bomb Outrage?
We came across an article in The Washington Post from August 17th, 1919, detailing an explosion in Foggy Bottom. Local officials were unable to identify the source of the explosion and an interesting theory was presented by others interviewed in the article. Was it a meteor or a bomb outrage?
this is a whip
Three Women, Three Horse Whips, and One Unfortunate Rent-a-Cop in Foggy Bottom: An 1894 GoDC Tale
This amusing story from 1894 Washington Post tells of three irate women, armed with horse whips, who confront a rent-a-cop in Foggy Bottom. Find out what happened and the possible consequences in this GoDC tale!
this is a brick
The South Washington Toughs: The Foggy Bottom Gang of 1896
Discover the story of the South Washington Toughs, a gang of toughs from the rough parts of Southwest D.C., and the Foggy Bottom Gang of 1896 in this fascinating article from the Washington Post.
Snow's Court
Exploring the History of Snow's Court in Foggy Bottom: Gentrification and the Changing Racial Make-up of Washington, DC
Explore the history of Snow's Court in Foggy Bottom, DC and the changing racial make-up of the city. Learn how gentrification has impacted the city and its residents.

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