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1903 map of Foggy Bottom

1903 Map of Current State Department Location

This is a 1903 map of the current location of the Department of State, on C St. between 21st and 23rd. Obviously, it was very different back then, with New York Ave. running through where the building stands today. Source: Library of Congress Two things really jump out at me when checking this out. One […]

Meteorite Lands and Explodes in Foggy Bottom

Now this is a seriously bizarre story, and potentially questionable. We came across an article in The Washington Post from August 17th, 1919, detailing an explosion in Foggy Bottom. Local officials were unable to identify the source of the explosion and an interesting theory was presented by others interviewed in the article. As far as the […]

this is a whip

Three Women Take Revenge Against Special Policeman

This likely was a scene of great amusement for any who were able to witness it. This is an article from August 9th, 1894 in the Washington Post. Three irate women with horse whips and a yelling special policeman gave plenty of amusement last Friday to a number of people who stood outside of a […]

this is a brick

D.C. Gang Violence … Circa 1896

Have you ever seen the comprehensive list of D.C. gang names from 2008? It definitely doesn’t account for the 1896 South Washington Toughs from the rough parts of Southwest D.C. Here’s a great article we came across in the Washington Post from August 15th, 1896. Charles Coleman, a colored man, living in Pleasant alley southwest, […]

Snow's Court

The Changing Tides of Race in the District: The Case of Snows Court

This is a guest post by Rick. He also wrote a good one on the White House Easter Egg Roll. Gentrification is a sensitive issue in a city where black Washingtonians became the majority race of residents only in the 1970s but are now witnessing rapid change in who lives where in the District. The July 19, 2011 […]

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