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Farragut Square in 1919

A Very Different Farragut Square With Flowers and Trees

This is definitely not what the square looks like today. This series of photos, courtesy of the Smithsonian, depict a far more tranquil and...
First Lieutenant Peter C. Hains, 1862. Photo by James F. Gibson (Library of Congress)

Why Is It Named Hains Point?

Hains point is named for Peter Conover Hains. That was easy. You would know that if you checked Wikipedia, so I'm not really adding...
Farragut Square circa 1881 (maritimequest.com)

Three Random Stories About Farragut Square

What is the history of Farragut Square in Washington, DC? Read three great stories from its past.

What Happened to the Electric Car? Buy a Rauch and Lang Coupe (1909)

Here's a great old advertisement from the Sunday Washington Times, on Halloween, 1909. Interested in buying an electric car? Well it'll only take $1,500...

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