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Check Out These Great Old Team Photos of Georgetown Prep's JV Basketball Team From 1911
Check out these amazing old team photos of Georgetown Prep's JV basketball team from 1911. Amazing uniforms! See the current team photo too.
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The Archbishop John Carroll Lions: DC’s Best-Ever High School Hoopsters
Revisit the magical and majestic memories of DC's best-ever high school basketball team, the Archbishop John Carroll Lions, who reeled off a 55-game winning streak from 1958 to 1960, and their courageous efforts in racial integration.
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The 1923 Catholic University Basketball Team - A Photo from the Old Gymnasium
View a photo of the 1923 Catholic University basketball team taken in the old gymnasium, now the school of architecture, according to Shorpy. Learn more about the photo and its history.
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Reflecting on Michael Jordan's Final Season with the Washington Wizards
Take a look back at Michael Jordan's final season with the Washington Wizards in 2001-2002. Despite being 38, MJ gave the team a shot in the arm, but it wasn't enough to make the team good. He was a giant attendance booster and a great draw, but he was well past his prime.
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Remembering 'You Da Man' - Reliving the Washington Bullets 1994-1995 Season
Relive the Washington Bullets 1994-1995 season with this classic post-Bel Biv Devoe jam from that time - 'You Da Man.' The Bullets were 21-61 that year. Ugh.
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Take a Trip Back in Time to Learn the Charleston with Basketball in 1926 Columbia Heights
Take a trip back in time to 1926 Columbia Heights and learn the Charleston with basketball. Enjoy your evening and stay out of trouble - if you're lucky enough to have the long weekend, relax and have a good time!
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The Sidwell Friends Girls Basketball Team of 1917: A Photo to Remember
Take a look at this amazing photo of the Sidwell Friends girls' basketball team of 1917. From the uniforms to the enthusiasm, this image is one to remember!
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