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Snowy Southwest Street in 1899

Below is a great old photo of Southwest D.C. from 1899, showing the aftermath of the 1899 blizzard. You’re looking up 6th St. SW towards the old B&O railroad station at 6th and B St. NW (Constitution Ave.). Below is a similar view today.

Takoma advertisement in the Sunday Herald - June 14th, 1891

What Does Takoma Mean?

Takoma Park (and Takoma) is a lovely and friendly neighborhood on the northeast District line with Maryland. It dates back to the late 19th century, when Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, both founder and first mayor of Takoma Park, began actively promoting the area as a clean and healthy respite from the muggy, malarial swamp of Washington. […]

Countess de la Rocca in 1914

A Brief Introduction, the Countess, and the “Lovely Visitor from Canada”

This is the first guest post by Jason R. This blog is about “uncovering stories that have long been forgotten.” It is about knowing a “little more” about the community we find ourselves in. I know that Mr. Ghosts of DC is fascinated by history, but as a social scientist, I’m going to push a […]

Point of Rocks railroad station

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Station at Point of Rocks

This is one of the most, if not the most, beautiful railroad stations in America. You can easily be captivated and transported back to 1873 when you stand on the platform of the old Baltimore and Ohio Railroad station. What’s even more fascinating is that it’s still used as a daily commuter station for the […]

Laurel, Maryland. July 31, 1922. "Two B&O freights wrecked in head-on crash at Laurel switch." National Photo Company glass negative (Shorpy)

Massive Head-On Train Collision in Laurel

This photo begs further investigation (click on it for high-resolution). This looks like a massive train wreck (obviously), and what continues to amaze me is in those days, people would rapidly gather around a crash site to inspect it. Two large freight trains were barreling down the same track towards each other when collided in […]

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