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Arlington VA

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Why Is It Named Ballston?
Ball's Crossroads was established as a village in Arlington County in 1874, and in 1895, the official name was changed to Ballston.
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The History of Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington
Discover the history of Whitlow's on Wilson in Arlington, from its original location at 11th and E St. NW in Washington, D.C., to its current home in Clarendon. Learn trivia about the popular bar and find out where Arlington County received its name.
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Exploring Alexandria County in 1879 Through the Library of Congress Map Collection
Dive into the past and explore Alexandria County (now Arlington County) in 1879 with this awesome map from the Library of Congress map collection. GoDCer Tim will love it!
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Uncovering the Past: An Incredible Civil War Map from the Boston Public Library Archives
Happy Saturday GoDCers! We uncovered an incredible Civil War map of the rebel fortifications just west of D.C. in the Boston Public Library archives. Check out the original here!
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Exploring Alexandria and Arlington County Through an Assessment Map
Discover what Alexandria and Arlington County looked like in 1930 with this assessment map. Get a closer look at the area's buildings and geography in this detailed map!
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Uncovering the Lost History of Arlington Beach – A Photo Journey Through Time
Explore the lost history of Arlington Beach in the 1920s, with stunning photos from the National Photo Company Collection. See kids playing at the amusement park, near the Pentagon today, in 1925 and 1923.
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The Smile of an Army Cook at Fort Myer in 1917
An unforgettable image of a smiling army cook at Fort Myer in 1917. We may not know his name, but his smile deserves to be shared with friends. Come take a look at this remarkable photo.
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Whoopee Party in Chevy Chase Ends in Tragedy with a Fatal Blow (1929)
A “whoopee” party in Chevy Chase, Virginia in 1929 ended in tragedy with a fatal blow, leaving a mystery shrouding the manner in which the death occurred. Read more to find out what happened.
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Three Things You Didn't Know About National Airport
Discover the amazing stories from Washington's National Airport: from an 8,198-mile nonstop flight to a ticket agent murder to a jurisdictional dispute. Read about these incredible stories and more!
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The Origin of Arlington's Name: From Earl to Lee's Estate
What is the origin of Arlington County's name? The story dates back to an old plantation near today's National Airport.
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