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Arlington Memorial Bridge

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A Look Back: Building Memorial Bridge in Washington, D.C. - May 15th, 1928
Take a look back in time with this beautiful old photo showing the construction of Memorial Bridge looking from D.C. towards Arlington National Cemetery. The photo is dated May 15th, 1928. Source: Flickr user Tim Evanson.
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Exploring the Unbuilt Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge: Two More Images
Discover two more images of the proposed Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge, a bridge that was never built. Explore the story of this bridge and find out why it was never constructed.
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Uncovering a Terrific Old Photo of the Lincoln Memorial from Virginia
This is a terrific old photo that we found on Flickr. It shows the Lincoln Memorial as viewed across the Memorial Bridge from Virginia. Take a look at this amazing photograph!
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The Unbuilt Ulysses Grant Memorial Bridge
Memorial Bridge in Arlington was supposed to be a bridge built and dedicated to Ulysses Grant in the 1880s. Alas, that didn't happen.
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A Look Back at the Construction of the Memorial Bridge in the 1930s
Take a look back at the construction of the Memorial Bridge in the early 1930s with this beautiful shot from the Library of Congress' Theodor Horydczak collection.
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