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14th St. in Columbia Heights
What Did Columbia Heights Look Like After the 1968 Riots?
A series of tragic photos showing Columbia Heights after the 1968 Washington, DC riots.
Three Sisters Bridge Across the Potomac Was Never Built
Explore the history of Washington D.C.'s Three Sisters Bridge project, an envisioned Potomac River crossing mired in decades of debate.
The Wok n’ Roll Restaurant now occupies the space of the Surratt House. The original first floor door has been boarded up, and there is no evidence of the second story entrance or stairs.
Mary Surratt Boarding House is Now a Chinese Restaurant
Mary Surratt's boarding house is a Chinese restaurant, still standing just around the corner from Gallery Place Metro. Today, it's Wok and Roll.
AERIAL VIEW OF WEST/FRONT AND NORTH/SIDE FACADES, LOOKING SOUTHEAST (FROM LEFT TO RIGHT): VA-1272 Ball Building, 1437 N. Court House Road. VA-1273 Jesse Building, 1423-27 N. Court House Road. VA-1276 Jesse-Hosmer Building, 1419 N. Court House Road. VA-1275 Moncure (Adams, Porter, Radigan) Building, N. 1415 Court House Road. VA-1274 Rucker Building, N. 1403 Court House Road. - Lawyers' Row Block, North Court House Road between Fourteenth & Fifteenth Streets, Arlington, Arlington County, VA
A Trip Down Memory Lane - Exploring the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington from the Early 1990s
Take a virtual trip down memory lane and explore the "Lawyers' Row Block" in Arlington during the early 1990s. See how this area has changed from then to now with a comparison of images from the Library of Congress and Google Street View.
1906 map showing the original boundary milestones of the District of Columbia
Map of All D.C. Boundary Stones From 1906
Working under commissioners that President Washington had appointed in 1790 in accordance with the Residence Act, Major Andrew Ellicott led a team that placed these markers in 1791 and 1792.
Tysons Corner history: What it looked like in 1936
What Is The History of Tysons Corner?
Tysons Corner or Tysons used to be called Peach Grove. William Tyson owned a farm west of DC which would become the site of a major shopping mall.
Traffic, 14th & Thomas Circle
A Closer Look at Thomas Circle in the 1920s
Take a closer look at the beauty of Thomas Circle in the 1920s with this incredible photo. Click on it for a larger version and study it for a while. | GhostsofDC.org
Maine Ave. SW 1865
A Look at Maine Ave. SW in 1865, Right Around the Time of President Lincoln's Assassination
This photograph was taken in April 1865, right around the time of President Lincoln's assassination. You can see the unpaved roads of Maine Ave, SW and the Capitol Building in the background. Compare this to the view today via Google Street View!
Washington, D.C., circa 1934. "Washington Monument. Capstone without lightning rods." 8x10 nitrate negative by Theodor Horydczak.
Amazing Photo of Washington Monument Apex
What is on top of the Washington Monument? This close-up photo shows it was repaired in 1934.
Washington neighborhoods in the 1800s
Exploring Washington's Lost Neighborhoods of the Late 19th Century
Revisit the late 19th century Washington neighborhoods of Buzzard's Roost, Ryder's Castle, Zig-Zag Alley, and more. Read excerpts from an 1893 article in The Washington Post detailing the poverty and squalor of these infamous areas.

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