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Faces & Places of Yesterday

Photos of yesterday, featuring regular people and regular places.

May 11th, 1925. Washington, D.C. "Ezra Meeker with 101 Ranch." The Wild West show rolls into town at the Florida Avenue fairgrounds. Ezra Meeker, "hero of the Oregon Trail," was part of the parade. National Photo glass neg. (Shorpy)

Oregon Trail Passes Through Washington

A caravan of horses, buffalo, elephants and longhorns passing through D.C.? What’s up with that? Take a closer look at the photo below, especially the super old dude driving the wagon. That’s Ezra Meeker,...
U.S. mail carrier in 1903

1903 Footage of Rural Postal Delivery

Here is film that I came across in the Library of Congress’ archives. It was shot on August 8th, 1903 in rural Washington, D.C. and is completely fascinating. Times have changed … just a...
February 27, 1923. "Miss Alice Reighly, 1409 Harvard Street, president of Anti-Flirt Club, which has just been organized in Washington, D.C., and will launch an 'Anti-Flirt Week' beginning March 4. The club is composed of young women and girls who have been embarrassed by men in automobiles and on street corners." National Photo Company Collection glass negative. (Shorpy)

Anti-Flirt Club: Don’t Undress Me With Your Eyes

Looking at this photo, I had to do a little digging on the Anti-Flirt Club. This is amazing. Well, it turns out that there is a Wikipedia page dedicated to this and the basic...
14th St. car barn under construction - August 2nd, 1907 (Washington Times)

Huge Car Barns of 14th St. Line to Cost $250,000

If you live north on 14th St. NW, surely you are familiar with this giant car barn, now converted to house Metrobuses. Below is an article from the Washington Times, published on June 2nd,...
American University College of History building circa 1918 (Library of Congress)

Hurst Hall at American University in 1918

I believe this is Hurst Hall sometime between 1918 and 1920. If you went to AU, how does this compare to the building today? The university has a good history section on their own...
9th and G St. NW in 1919 (Shorpy)

Old Photo: Dentist Office at 9th and G St. NW in 1919

What an incredible shot, frozen in time. Click the image for higher resolution and look at the details of the United Cigar Stores. Co. You can study this photo for a while. It’s pretty...
1916 Slaves reunion. Lewis Martin, age 100; Martha Elizabeth Banks, age 104; Amy Ware, age 103; Rev. Simon P. Drew, born free." Cosmopolitan Baptist Church, 921 N Street N.W. (Shorpy)

1916 Convention of Ex-Slaves in D.C.

What an unbelievably powerful photo that speaks for itself. Click on it for a more detailed version. Below is an article published by the Washington Post on September 25th, 1916, leading up to the...
looking north on 9th St. NW in 1915 (Shorpy)

Old Photo Friday: 9th St. NW in 1915

These high-resolution photos continue to amaze me with their details. This one is from 1915, showing some activity on 9th St. NW, near downtown. The block on the left is currently occupied by the...
Caldwell Hall at Catholic University - 1915 (Shorpy)

Afternoon Photo: Caldwell Hall at Catholic University (1915)

Here’s your afternoon photo. This great shot of Caldwell Hall at Catholic University is pretty amazing. Click on it for the high resolution version and study it a little closer. Thanks to the ever-amazing...