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Takoma Park, MD Declares War on Wild Guns, Wild Dogs and Wild Weeds in 1928

In 1928, the town fathers of Takoma Park, MD declared war on wild guns, wild dogs and wild weeds. Read on to find out the penalties for carrying such weapons without permits and the measures taken to keep dogs in check.
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This is a bizarre piece we found in The Washington Post from July 18th, 1928. And no, we’re not talking about that weed.

The town fathers of Takoma Park, Md., have declared war on wild guns, wild dogs and wild weeds. The guns, they say, must not be carried except by persons with permits from the mayor; the dogs must not journey forth without staunch muzzles, and the weeds must be cut to within 4 inches of the ground.

In an ordinance adopted at the last meeting of the council is contained an all-comprehensive description of guns, and those which must not be carried include cannon, guns, air guns, rifles, air rifles, pistols, revolvers or any other firearm.

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July 18th, 1928 - The Washington Post
July 18th, 1928 – The Washington Post

Glad to hear they banned cannons! The story continues below, and it gets better with the weapons being banned.

Then to make sure that everything was covered the council added “torpedo.” The penalty for carrying such weapons without permits is a fine of not more than $50 or not more than 30 days in the town lockup.

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Going into the matter of dogs, the council decided to relieve the mayor of the necessity of issuing an annual proclamation warning citizens that dogs shall be muzzled, and adopted dan ordinance authorizing town officers to shoot any dog found running at large without being muzzled during May, June July, August and September.

Quite a heave-handed way to bring order to a quiet little town.

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