Argument Over Dog Ends in Fatal Shooting

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Here’s a sad story that we dug up in The Washington Post from May 26th, 1969.

An argument over a dog that bit a young boy ended in the fatal shooting of the son of the dog’s owner last night in 13th Street nw.

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William Fields Jr., 29, who was visiting his father at 5421 13th st. nw, was shot to death following an argument with Charles Handy, 38, of 5419 13th st., after Handy had returned from a hospital where his seven-year-old son was being treated for a dog bite.

Police said Handy, who was charged with homicide, argued with the younger Fields, after William Fields Sr. had complained that Handy had threatened to shoot the dog. The younger Fields was pronounced dead at the scene.

Here’s the block today on Google Street View.

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