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Day: July 31, 2014

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Congressional pages have snowball fight in 1923

Republicans vs. Democrats Congressional Snowball Fight

How fun is this old photo taken on December 14th, 1923? It shows a large group of boys who were Congressional pages on both sides of the aisle, battling it out with snowballs. I’d love to see Members of Congress taking this tactic to solve gridlock today. Source: Library of Congress

northeast corner of 14th and Irving St. NW

What Did Columbia Heights at 14th and Irving Look Like in the 1920s?

How amazing is this photo? It’s from around 1918 to 1922. You are looking from the southwest corner, where the Metro entrance is today, across the street towards the other Metro entrance and the BB&T bank. It’s incredible to see how different Columbia Heights was. It appears that none of these buildings survive today. Gude […]

Potomac Park Apartments

What Did 21st and C Street Look Like in 1924?

21st and C St. NW looked very different back around 1924 (mislabeled by the Library of Congress as 1916). The photo below shows the Potomac Park Apartments. This is the location of the Department of State today. Source: Library of Congress & Shorpy

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