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Day: January 27, 2014

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Print shows view from street of Blodget's Hotel with stagecoach parked in front and a person walking on the sidewalk on the left, later (from 1802 to 1836) the U.S. Patent Office.

Blodgett’s Hotel: Lost “Hotel” in Today’s Penn Quarter

Above is an image of Blodgett’s Hotel. One might infer that a building named Blodgett’s Hotel would in fact be a hotel, but that would be an incorrect assumption. The building was around from 1793 to 1836 taking its name from Samuel Blodgett who was a wealthy merchant involved in East India commerce. The building […]

Stolen: D.C.’s Royal Elephant Tusks

Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie gave a pair of elephant tusks to District leaders during his first visit to America in 1954.  Those ivory tusks — recently stolen — have barely been described by police.  We thought it would be helpful to show them to you. Haile Selassie arrived in Washington in May 1954.  Crowds greeted him enthusiastically. […]

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