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1850 Columbia Pike, Arlington
A 1960s Advertisement for Apartments in Arlington
Take a look back in time with a 1960s advertisement for apartments in Arlington. The building still exists, and the rent is substantially higher than what's listed in the ad. Click on the ad for a larger version.
Hollin Hall advertisement - February 29th, 1948
Exploring the Mid-Century Modern Hollin Hall Neighborhood in Alexandria, VA
Join us as we explore the mid-century modern Hollin Hall neighborhood outside of Old Town Alexandria, VA. We'll take a look at an old post-war advertisement for the housing development and find out what it's like today.
Georgetown University 1918 Advertisement
Georgetown University Advertisement in 1918
The ad provides a glimpse into the past and the pivotal role that education played in the nation's war efforts. It is a testament to Georgetown University's dedication to serving the country and its commitment to upholding the values of service, justice, and the common good.
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They Were Neighbors: 1940 U.S. Census Records from the Mayflower Hotel
Discover the residents of the Mayflower Hotel in 1940 with this collection of U.S. Census records from the same year. Click on each image to see a larger version and read through the names. Source: Ancestry.com.
Mark Twain
The Man Who Stopped at Gadsby’s: Mark Twain’s Cautionary Tale for Office Seekers
Discover the cautionary tale of "The Man Who Stopped at Gadsby’s" that Mark Twain told to office seekers in Washington, D.C. in the 1800s. Learn about Twain's warning and his upcoming talks in Washington, D.C.!
1927. "Skinned frankfurts, made in Washington, D.C." What Bismarck said about laws and sausages: It turns out you can watch them (or not watch them) being made in the same place. Harris & Ewing glass negative.
A Glimpse Into the Past: A Woman Working at a D.C. Sausage Factory in 1927
Take a look back in history with this incredible photo from 1927 of a woman working at a sausage factory in Washington, D.C. See what life was like in the past with this amazing image from Harris & Ewing glass negative.

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