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The Beauty of DC: When You’re Standing in Front of the National Cathedral

This guest post takes us to the National Cathedral in DC on a weekend evening. Sounds of an organist playing, a spectacular scenery and an appreciation of life in this great city - all make the moment special.
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Some of us get up every work day and take the Metro, quickly finding ourselves standing on a platform waiting 10 minutes to board, as two trains pass without stopping. Others take a bus downtown that breaks down or gets stuck in unenviable traffic — taking 40 minutes instead of 20 to get you to your final destination. Maybe you drive and you get there fairly quickly but you pay $250 a month and curse yourself at the absurd cost. But then you find yourself on a weekend evening standing in front of the National Cathedral, overhearing the sounds of an organist playing. It’s dark, getting cold outside but the scenery is spectacular. And, then you think, I’m damn lucky to live here.

National Cathedral at night
National Cathedral at night

This is a guest post by GoDCer Erin (aka, Mrs. Ghost)

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