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Day: July 19, 2013

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homes in Lyon Park

Arlington GoDCers, Can You Identify This Block?

Here’s another challenge for you Arlington folks. This is a photo taken around 1921, and it shows a few homes in Lyon Park. Any idea where this is or if these homes still exist? Source: Library of Congress

View of Alexandria, Va., showing new engine house in which sixty engines can be stored in working order

Great Civil War Photograph of Alexandria

We dug up a great old photo of Alexandria from a distance the other day, and found another gem at the Library of Congress. What do you recognize in this photo? Source: Library of Congress

French Embassy

New French Embassy on 16th Street

Americans have a love-hate relationship with France. They helped us kick the British out of the Colonies. We helped them kick the Nazis out of France. We find them to have superior culture, yet we also see them as incredibly arrogant. During World War I, the French had a minor celebrity as their ambassador to […]

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