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Posted In July 19, 2013

homes in Lyon Park
Solving the Mystery of 1921 Photos of Homes in Lyon Park, Arlington
Can you help solve the mystery of these 1921 photos of homes in Arlington's Lyon Park? Take a look and see if you can identify any of the locations or if the homes still exist.
View of Alexandria, Va., showing new engine house in which sixty engines can be stored in working order
Discovering a Detailed Landscape of Alexandria in 1864
We dug up a great old photo of Alexandria from 1864 and found another gem at the Library of Congress. What do you recognize in this photo?
French Embassy
Exploring the History of the Old French Embassy in Washington
Americans have a complex relationship with France, and the French embassy in Washington, DC has a fascinating history of its own. Learn more about the embassy, and see photos of the building from the 1910s.

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