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Posted In June 24, 2013

Construction of the third office building for the U.S. Senate in 1979.
Uncovering a Piece of U.S. History: The Construction of the Hart Senate Office Building in 1979
Take a look back in time at the construction of the Hart Senate Office Building in 1979, as discovered on the U.S. Capitol's Flickr page. Learn about this piece of U.S. history and view the photo of the building in progress.
This U.S. mail streetcar, owned and operated by the Capital Traction Company, was used to process and transport mail in Washington, DC.
Identifying the Location of a U.S. Mail Car Photo Taken in 1900
Can you identify the location of this U.S. mail car photo taken in 1900? Learn more about the Capital Traction Company and their mail car as we explore the history of this photo and an old film of a mail streetcar heading down Pennsylvania Ave. NW.
letter from Castro to FDR
Unbelievable: A Letter Written by 14-Year-Old Fidel Castro Discovered in the National Archives
Discover the unbelievable! A letter written by Fidel Castro, at the age of 14, was recently discovered in the National Archives. Read the story and see the letter here.
The Unknown Soldier being taken to Arlington National Cemetery
Colorized Photo of the Unknown Soldier Being Taken to Arlington National Cemetery
An incredible colorized photo of the Unknown Soldier being taken to Arlington National Cemetery. See the colorized version and learn more about the Unknown Soldier’s journey with this blog post.
View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle and the US Capitol taken from atop the Washington Monument
A Look Back: View of the Department of Agriculture, The Smithsonian Castle, and the US Capitol from the Washington Monument 100 Years Ago
Take a look back in time to see what Washington DC's Department of Agriculture, Smithsonian Castle, and US Capitol looked like over a hundred years ago. Thanks to the DC Public Library, we have this amazing photo taken from atop the Washington Monument.
Albert Hall at Catholic University
Any Catholic University Folks? Take a Look at this Old Photo of Albert Hall!
Do you have ties to Catholic University? Take a peek at this old photo of Albert Hall, courtesy of the Library of Congress. Get a glimpse into the past!
H St. NE after the 1968 riots
Exploring the Aftermath of the 1968 Riots on H Street in Washington, DC
Take a look at this amazing photograph of H Street in Washington, DC after the 1968 riots. See if you can make out where this is on H Street and explore the aftermath of the riots.
Frager's Hardware
Celebrating 90 Years of History at Frager's Hardware
Celebrate 90 years of history at Frager's Hardware in Capitol Hill, DC. Founded by Russian Jewish immigrant, Fritz Frager, this local institution has remained a mainstay for over 9 decades. Show your support and help to rebuild!
Potomac Park in 1908
A Peek Back in Time: Potomac Park in 1908, with Two Cars and a Horse and Buggy
Take a step back in time to 1908 with this Shorpy photo of Potomac Park, featuring two cars and a horse and buggy. See what life looked like over 100 years ago!

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