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Day: February 8, 2013

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Thaddeus Lowe balloon being prepared

Union Army Balloon Corps is Born on the Mall

You may not know this, but Abraham Lincoln was a bit of a technophile. On June 18th, 1861, “Professor” Thaddeus Lowe ascended to a height of 500 feet above the National Mall, in front of where the National Air and Space Museum now stands. (Wikipedia says June 18th, but this plaque says June 18th). He […]

Washington Post movies - November 20th, 1969

November 20th, 1969: Neighorhood Movie Guide

Remember the days when you had to check the newspaper to find movie times? Those days died about 15 years ago, but for some reminiscing, check out this page from the Washington Post in 1969. Also, $2.99 for Led Zeppelin II on LP. Also on November 20th, explicit photos of the My Lai Massacre were […]

panoramic view of Washington (1 of 5)

Panoramic View of Washington in 1879

Here is a series of photographs we have not seen before. This is a five-part panorama showing the mall area and surrounding buildings, from the Smithsonian Castle. Left section shows the Washington Monument under construction in background, with Agriculture Department at left. The left center and center sections show the B Street (now Constitution Avenue) […]

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