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The Story of Analoston Island, Formerly Owned by the Roosevelt Family

The Mason House on Analoston Island - 1903
History buffs, take note! This is the story of Anna Lawson Island, formerly owned by the Roosevelt family. Learn about their contribution to this region, the fascinating story behind it, and how it's still remembered today.
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Here is a great contribution from GoDCer Mike.

This property was purchased by Johanna O’Neil Copperthite and Henry was thanked personally by T.R. when he was elected president.

We were always told that this island was donated to the Roosevelt Society back in the day but I found documents that it was sold for $20,000 that is a fine sum. On another note I always walk my dogs off leash here and whenever I am told by park rangers I have to obey the law I have stated that I do not have to as we once owned it and are exempt. Has worked every time.

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We called it Anna Lawson Island … still do.


The Mason House on Analoston Island - 1903
The Mason House on Analoston Island – 1903

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