Day: May 10, 2012

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Bull Durham smoking tobacco advertisement in the Washington Times - March 6th, 1916

The Smoke of Men Who Win

This clearly would be the cigarette of choice for Charlie Sheen … and since you open the door to hustle with Bull Durham, maybe throw in a twist of Pete Rose. Related articles Sleezy 14th Street Porno District  D.C. and

Christian Heurich Brewing Company advertisement in the Washington Times - June 24th, 1904

A Prescription for Beer

Who wouldn’t want a doctor to prescribe them beer? What an excellent doctor, promoting the “appetizing, nourishing, strengthening, and general upbuilding results” of delicious beer. Related articles Budweiser: Palatable, Healthful, Nutritious. Instrinsically Good.  A Suicide and Disappearance at the National

Tribute to Abner Doubleday at Arlington Cemetery. Left to right: Clark Griffith, President of the Washington Club, Joe McCarthy, Manager of the N.Y. Yankees and Manager Bucky Harris, Manager of the Washington Senators - April 17th, 1939 (Library of Congress)

Tribute to Abner Doubleday at Arlington Cemetery

Yes, it is true that Abner Doubleday’s true role in the birth of baseball is highly disputed, but that didn’t matter during the 1939 baseball season. The New York Yankees were in town to play our Washington Senators and on

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