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Day: February 8, 2012

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Congressman Joseph G. Cannon (Wikipedia)

In Hotel Lobbies: Speaker Cannon Comments on Congressional Recess

Congressman Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois is considered by many as the most powerful Speaker of the House in American history. From 1903 to 1911 he was a congressman from Illinois, presiding over the United States House of Representatives. In December 1914, he was staying at the Willard Hotel. The Washington Post reported on him in […]

Dulles Airport

Concrete, Steel and Glass: Dulles Airport is the Port of the Future

Dulles International Airport is one of only two federally owned airports in the country (National Airport being the other). Some find it to be an ugly monstrosity. Others find it to be an architectural masterpiece —  I am firmly in this camp — however, many functionality compromises were made in the name of aesthetics. Eero […]

The Naked “What?” Girl

I have to post this, and you definitely have to share it on Facebook :-). I have no story to go with it, but I found it on Shorpy. I think the photo speaks for itself. Happy hump day.

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