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Apartment Building Collapses in Dupont Circle
Part of the building at 20th and P St. near Dupont Circle came crashing down during construction in 1908. Two workmen were killed and several more came close to meeting a horrific end.
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President Taft's Former Home on Dupont Circle
Where did former President Taft live while he was the Chief Justice? This old row house in Dupont Circle was where he lives during his Supreme Court tenure.
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A Look Back at William Howard Taft's Snowy Presidential Inauguration
Take a look back at the snow-filled day when William Howard Taft was sworn in as President of the United States. Photos included! Learn more about the wintery inauguration and racing President Taft.
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Witnessing History: Harry Atwood's Historic Flight to the White House in 1911
Witness the history of aviation! Read about Harry Atwood's historic flight to the White House in 1911, shared by GoDCer Mike. See the picture, read the Washington Post article, and more!
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The White House Stables Had to Go: President Taft and His Automobiles
President Taft was a huge advocate for automobiles, so much so that he was given a budget of $12,000 to invest in both automobiles as well as a building to house them. Read about the dismantling of the White House stables and President Taft's investment in automobiles.
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A Look Back at the White House Visitors on January 24th, 1912
Take a look back at the early 20th century version of open government and transparency with this review of the White House visitors list from January 24th, 1912, when President Taft received members of Congress, ambassadors and more.
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A Night Out in Washington D.C. - From Dinner with President Taft to a Local Engagement Party in 1912
Delve into a night out in Washington D.C. in 1912, from dinner with President Taft to a local engagement party. Read the excerpt from the Washington Post and photos of the guests. Plus, find out what happened two years later.
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