Washington National Cathedral

1907 map

1907 Map of Area Around Cathedral

Here’s a really great old map of the area surrounding the National Cathedral. Check out how the land was owned by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation. Also, notice the land owned by Francis Newlands. He was a U.S. Representative from...

National Cathedral under construction

Early National Cathedral Construction Photos

Check out this great series of photos of the National Cathedral under construction. Most of these photos were taken between 1932 or 1933.   Source: Library of Congress

Washington National Cathedral at twilight

Three Things That Happened at Washington National Cathedral

Exactly one year ago today, one of the most spectacular buildings in Washington was badly damaged by the earthquake that shook our city. So much so, that the repairs are going to cost millions of dollars and keep it under...

The National Cathedral School for Boys advertisement in the Washington Herald - 1910

The National Cathedral School for Boys (St. Albans) in 1910

If you went to St. Albans, you will probably find this fascinating. If you know someone that went there, send this to them. It’s an old advertisement from the Washington Herald, back in 1910. The school was founded only three...