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Exploring a 1907 Map of the Land Around the National Cathedral
Check out this 1907 map of the land around the Washington National Cathedral. See how the land was owned by the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, and notice the land owned by Francis Newlands of the Chevy Chase Land Company.
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A Unique Look at the National Cathedral Under Construction in 1925
Take a look back in time with these two photos from April 2nd, 1925, showing the National Cathedral under construction. Unique views of the interior and exterior of the structure are included.
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Explore the National Cathedral's Construction Through Vintage Photos
Take a look back in time with these vintage photos of the National Cathedral under construction during 1932-1933. See the progress of this iconic structure and explore an important part of US history.
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Three Things That Happened at Washington National Cathedral
Washington National Cathedral at twilight Exactly one year ago today, one of the most spectacular buildings in Washington was badly damaged by the earthquake that shook our city. So much so, that the repairs are going to cost millions of dollars and keep it under scaffolding for several years. If you love this building like we do, consider donating a few bucks to help restore this national treasure....
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A Look Back at The National Cathedral School for Boys: An Old Advertisement from 1910
Discover the history of The National Cathedral School for Boys in this old advertisement from 1910. Learn more about the school and its founding in 1907.
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Woodrow Wilson's Role in Honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery
Learn about President Woodrow Wilson's role in honoring the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Explore the historic events surrounding this momentous occasion, including the Evening Public Ledger's coverage and Wilson's visit to the Tomb of the Unknowns. Visit Woodrow Wilson House for more information.
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